All our products are ethically handmade in our Dubai based facilities

Our vision is to provide guilt free alternative to mass production fashion, we promote fair trade and fair labor pay.

We are working towards providing sustainability and eco friendly fabrics, 70% of our fabrics are natural or naturally derived such as Linen, Cotton, Rayon, Silk and Modal.

We are committed to zero plastics throughout our production to retail life cycle of the brand and reduce the carbon emission.

Keeping all above in mind, we are known for our unique wearable fashion sense, styling and fits, which makes you feel confident and comfortable.

We are committed to the best customer service in the industry, putting always customer first policy.

Fair labor pay, made with love, handpicked fabrics
Unique fashion made in small quantities, reduce wastages due to over productions, stand forefront of timeless fashion
70% natural or naturally derived fabrics, fashion which not only looks good but also feels good